Meditation, Anger & Temper: Unpopular Opinion.

Anger is something that arises when you feel that you are being treated unfairly. An easy example of this would be sitting in traffic. For instance, there’s a right-turn-only lane and somebody drives up that lane and merges over several cars in front of me. Normally this would have pissed you off to no end, […]

Think backwards – The Problem Is The Solution.

In 1912, Theodore Roosevelt was about to embark on his presidential campaign.  Teddy would tour the country by train giving speeches in towns and cities. His team would leave copies of his speech for people to read and pass on to their friends and families. On the campaign train, one full carriage was filled to […]

Think Differently 🧠

Thinking differently in business There’s not a founder/ CEO on the planet who doesn’t want more clients, generate more revenue and gain a competitive advantage.  Conventional thinking is to address this problem with more advertising and marketing.  Advertising and marketing are the machine guns of business. To defend our margins from competitors we build more […]