Harsha wants to make the world a better place because he doesn’t accept the status quo. He brings a radical vision, a can-do attitude, and expertise in education, technology, and business development to his role as CEO.

Harsha’s Journey as an entrepreneur started in middle school. He founded 4 successful E-commerce businesses, utilizing and up-skilling his Social media Marketting and Team management skills. He achieved all this while schooling.

Soon after graduating from school, he founded his first startup. Then he enters medical University. When he faces a challenge, he always takes a step back, thinks, and discovers a way to overcome it with a smart solution. For example, instead of studying for 10+ hours, he utilized “Anki”, a software that conducts machine learning on the memory pattern and feeds back information. It uses Spaced repetition & active recall.

Soon after realizing that being a doctor isn’t what he needs in life, he dropped out of medical school. This is his turning point in life. Autonomy is a key pull for him. He moved out of his parent’s house and started his next Edtech startup but he had to hit pause due to covid.

Next, he founded Help.lk, an impact-focused startup to connect students with a tutor on-demand whenever they have a doubt while studying. He took it from Idea to MVP in under a month and scaled to 500+ users in just 3 months. He was able to get First place in OneHack Hackathon. He also utilized viral marketing to gain 18K followers on TikTok.