Restarting the router.

Today wasn’t so productive, to be honest, woke late for a call from my ex, On the bright side, she made me less sleepy and made me fresh. The day began, checked on stock prices and for some reason, the charts were frozen, stupid me refreshed the browser, restart the router, even re-logged into the trading portal! later came to know it’s Full moon poya today, Basically a holiday in Sri Lanka.

Explaining holidays here, We got a lot, at least 1-2 every month, 3 on average. Unfortunately, sometimes those holidays fall onto weekends where both Saturday and Sundays are also holidays unlike Saturday’s a working day in some parts of the world.

Speaking of the day, later to the noon where the sun rises above my head I walked to Hub9 a co-working space where I work my ass off because they got unlimited wifi with air conditioning, Like Basically I do not want to worry about the electricity bill is the best.

unfortunately, I’ve left the world adapter for my mac charger home, so had to cut short and head home. As I mentioned above, The day was not so productive I took a 10 mins nap eventually woke up 4 hours later. Had a bath and start randomly walking end up here in the independence square as I write this. Believe me its 8.13 in the night at the moment and it’s the best time here. Calm and quiet and the best is people mind their own business.

Some kids out there roller skating, Some jogs, Some random buggers showing off their supercars and some lovers smooching here and there and me myself typing this out sitting on a bench facing the square. My MacBooks apple logo must be super lit when seeing from the front. Glade I own it, Not just because I can show off this 2015 4-year-old computer, just because macOS makes my life super easier.

Signing off for the day and hope to walk towards the green path or explore somewhere. Hope I had a cycle.


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