One launch is rarely enough for founders, makers, and other entrepreneurs. Companies are progressively launching and relaunching their items on many occasions.

Before we get to the list, here are a few solid prelaunch and post-launch tips I found along the way.

Post-launch tips

Where to launch and relaunch

Now let’s get into where to launch. Here’s a list of sites for launching, relaunching, and listing products. Where you launch will depend heavily on your specific niche, but this should serve as a very solid baseline.

And since it’s generally considered the top place to launch, here’s a guide about how to launch on Product Hunt.

PS: This article was originally published on Indiehackers By James Fleischmann. I only added new stuff, updated it a bit.

Launch communities

While there are tons of places that you can launch, these are the places that are specifically designed for it.

Other communities where you can launch

While these communities aren’t specifically designed for launching, they’re solid places to do so.

Sites where you can list your product

These sites are less focused on launch, but each of them allows you to list your new product.


And don’t forget to contact the press. Of course, there are many, many more options, but these should get you started.

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